Led Lenser TT Tac Torch

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Led Lenser TT Led Torch


Led Lenser TT (Tactical Torch) up to 280 Lumens

The robust, splash-proof aluminium casing of the LED LENSER® TT ensures that you will be able to enjoy using this product for a long time to come, even with very heavy use.
The new ergonomic switch makes the torch even easier to use. The new dynamic switch allows you to switch between "Power" and "Low Power" light modes.
The removable anti-roll protection prevents the torch from rolling away, so the TT can be used in even more situations than before.
The new "frozen black" coating improves the grip.

TT Specs: 

 Colour Black 
 Lumens Power 280/Low Power 25
 Energy Tank 5.4 Wh
 Length 116 mm
 Weight 132 g
 Batteries 3 x AAA
 Battery Life Power 4hr/Low Power 30hr
 Beam Length Power 220m/Low Power 80m
Accessories Roll protection ring, Lanyard


Led Lenser TT Tac Torch


Led Lenser TT Tac Torch Led Lenser TT Tac Torch

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