CHRIS LEWIS JEWELLERS (Gear Zone Online Store)
Shop 5, 1-7 Flagstaff Street, Gladesville NSW 2111  |  Sydney,  Australia 
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Mobile 0400117733 
Mobile for international callers +61400117733
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  • Who we are

This Gear Zone Online Store is owned and run by CHRIS LEWIS JEWELLERS. We have been in business for over 25 years and in this location in Gladesville for 23 years. We are a successful Jewellery Retailer/ Manufacturer and have a huge client base that we have had for over 25 years.

  • Why we  sell the items on this site

We started out by becoming a stockist for LEATHERMAN Multi-Tools and LED LENSER TORCHES through ZEN IMPORTS, just being two typical bloke`s that wanted some cool stuff to add to our essential daily arsenal. We also have a lot of Tradesman, Police, Firefighters and Ambulance officers that come into our Jewellery store. So we wanted them also to be able to admire and get their hands on these products as well. Then it grew from there, we then stocked another 10 or so brands that became sought after. Now we stock the best essential tools that have great warranty and products that we are proud to sell.

  • How long you have been running your online shop

We have been online since January 2012 and endeavor to run the site the same way we have run our jewellery store, with first class service and knowledge about the products we sell, as we have been selling the items on this site since 2012, but we have being using these products personally for long time before that.

  • Who are the people on our team

The Owner CHRIS LEWIS and Manager EMIL MINTY opened the Jewellery store in 1990 and are still the one`s who run the store in Gladesville and now this Gear Zone Online Website