Traser Silicone Strap Black Original 22mm No.2

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 Traser Silicone Strap Black ES No.(2)

This Traser Silicone Strap is an Authentic strap by TRASER WATCHES.

It is the perfect addition to your Traser watch or any other watch.

 It is 22mm wide ( at the ends where it meets the watch ) 

with stainless steel buckle.

This band will fit Traser Watches: OFFICER PRO, P6506 Commander/FORCE/100/100 Pro, P6508 Shadow, P6508 Code Blue, P6502 Navigator, P6502 Long Life, P6504 Black Storm Pro, P6504 Nautic, Classic Chron BD pro models, Classic Alarm BD Pro models, Classcic Transluncent Black, P6602 Extreme Sport Pro, P6602 Extreme Sport Carbon Pro, P6602 Extreme Sport Chronograph, P6600 Extreme Sport, T6602 Diver Automatics both Orange & Blue models, and P6600 models which include the Mil G, ELITE RED, SHADE, SHADOW and P6600 Automatic Pro and most Traser 22mm straight end watches.

It may also fit other Traser Models not listed above so call us for assistance.

 These fit all straight end watches that require a 22mm watch band. Used for Military and Diving, but also for everyday wear.

Traser Silicone Strap Black Original 22mm No.2


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