Led Lenser P4 BM (Blue Moon) Led Torch

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Led Lenser P4 BM (Blue Moon) Led Torch
LED LENSER P4 MB The lamp for engineers and technicians. No matter whether you inspect the undercarriage of a car, replace a fuse or are an industrial worker – the LED LENSER P4 BM with BLUE MOON Focus System does a good job. The lamp can be attached to shirt or work wear as fast as lightning and weighs so little that you'll hardly notice it. However, you will notice its brilliant, super-bright light, which you can focus by moving the lamp head (Speed Focus). The LED LENSER P4 BM is operated with two standard, inexpensive AAA batteries.

The BM Focusing System is excellent for task lighting offering clean white light with a mellow blue circle to frame the work area. Blue Moon optics make reading and general viewing easy on the eyes, for less eye fatigue.

Our patented Advanced Focus System combines lens and reflector in a unique design, creating an easy-to-use, stage less transition from a circular broad floodlight to a sharply focused spot beam.


Blue moon  
The diodes used in our lamps are world class when it comes
to brightness. White LEDs with a high spectral percentage of 
blue light are particularly bright. So we concerned ourselves
with the question of how to successfully elutriate the blue light
component. Since Newton’s days, we know that light consists
of different colours. A prism breaks light up into its constituent
colours. Thus we developed a lens that works like a micro-prism.

Thanks to their special prismatic structure, our lenses separate 
parts of the blue spectrum from the white spectrum. The blue
components are projected to the edge of the light cone. The
result is a brilliant, white light with a beautiful blue circle all 
around it. Blue Moon: only by LED LENSER, your optics expert.


Lens: BM Rapid Focus

On/Off: Tail Switch

Lumens: 18 lm

Max Distance: 25 m

Max Run Time: 8.5 h

Battery: 2 x AAA

Length: 146 mm

Weight: 53 g

Includes: Pocket Clip

Led Lenser P4 BM (Blue Moon) Led Torch


Led Lenser P4 BM (Blue Moon) Led Torch

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