Led Lenser M7R Led Rechargable Torch

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The Led Lenser Rechargeable Torch M7R - 400 lumens with a new LED Chip, the LED LENSER M7R achieves a multitude of the lighting performance of the LED LENSER M7R, and in addition, Led Lenser  Rechargeable Torch M7R creates a completely different light cone characteristics. The M7R has A Titanium colored light ring on the lamp head marks this new light dimension.

While the Led Lenser M7R bundles almost all focused light, this powerhouse emits enough light to illuminate the surrounding area of the focused spot as well. The Led Lenser Rechargeable Torch M7R therefore reaches an extraordinary light performance despite its generous light distribution. In addition, a wider lighting angle allows for a larger and more equally lit area.

Regarding functionality the Led Lenser Rechargeable Torch M7R is not inferior to it's predecessor: Microcontroller-operated light functions, one of the world's best focusing systems (Advanced Focus System) one -hand focusing (Speed Focus) and a charging method (Floating Charge System), which could not be more comfortable complete the performance portfolio.

It features an “Advanced Focus System” that allows the beam of light to be adjusted to a multitude of sizes. the light will spread out into a wide, full floodlight, very useful for searching wide open spaces. Another push of the knob and the beam can be focused down into a tight spotlight, ideal for pinpointing an object easily.

The combination of a varying light output with the adjustable beam is unbeatable!

The unique magnetic recharging system is easy to use with or without the included wall mount.

Also includes a protective carry case, with a wall mount, a belt clip, a 240v wall charger and a USB charger



  • Dimensions: 35x153mm  200g
  • Lumens: High 400 Low 40
  • Effect Range: 280M
  • Battery Life: High 4 hours Low 40 hours
  • LED Service life more than 100,000 hours
  • 2 Energy modes: Energy Saving & Constant Current
  • 3 Light programs: Professional, Easy & Defence
  • 8 Light modes - Morse, Boost, Power, Low Power, Dim, Blink, SOS and Defence Strobe
  • SOS signal option
  • one handed operation
  • Aluminum body
  • Advanced Focus System
  • One-handed Speed-Lock Focus function
  • high end power LED
  • Intelligent belt clip, lanyard & charging holder
  • Wall and USB-magnet charger
  • Pre-programmed SOS
  • Splashproof


M7R What`s in the box:

  • 1 x Led Lenser M7R Rechargeable Torch
  • 1 x Led Lenser Intelligent belt clip
  • 1 x Led Lenser Charging holder (can be fixed to the wall)
  • 1 x Led Lenser USB magnet charger
  • 1 x Led Lenser Protective carry case
  • 1 x Led Lenser Strap
  • 1 x ICR 18650 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • User Manual
* 5 Years Australian Warranty


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Colour Black
 Lumens 400
 Diameter 29.5 mm at the Handle 
 Length 153 mm
 Weight 200 g
 Battery (Rechargable) 1 x ICR 18650 (Rechargable)
 Battery Life 40 h
 Focus Speed Lock Focus
 Beam Length 280 m

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Led Lenser M7R Led Rechargable Torch


Led Lenser M7R Led Rechargable Torch

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