Geigerrig RIG 700 Hydration Pack Ballistic Nylon (Black)

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Geigerrig RIG 700 Hydration Pack Ballistic Nylon (Black)

Hydrating from a hydration pack should be easy and continuous, not hurried and gluttonous.

People who use GEIGERRIG hydration packs during activity report that they comfortably drink 30% more water than they do when using standard, un-pressurized, sucking hydration packs. Why?

With GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs, all that you'll need to do is lightly bite down. The GEIGERRIG pressurized system does the rest – continuous, easy, comfortable hydration without disruption or inconvenient sucking.

During many aerobic activities, it can be inconvenient to suck on the bite valves of traditional hydration packs, to access and hold a water bottle, or to otherwise drink. Subsequently, we find ourselves:

  • Not hydrating at all because it is inconvenient to carry water.
  • Stopping to drink when we would prefer to continue our activity.
  • And/or hurriedly taking large gulps of water whenever we feel absolutely forced to by extreme thirst.

  • GEIGERRIG, pressurized hydration packs spray the water into your mouth with no more effort than a quick pinch of the bite valve or a light bite with your teeth.  Convenient, easy, comfortable...NEVER SUCK AGAIN!

    SPECS ON THE RIG 700 Ballistic Nylon (Black)

    Bladder: 70 oz (2LT), quick-release valves for drinking tube and pressurization tube for easy refill and bladder removal, slide top for easy refill, cleaning and drying.

    Dry Capacity: 12,5 Ltr.

    Fabric: Heavy Duty 1680 Ballistic Nylon

    What makes these 1680 Ballistic Nylon Hydration Packs unique ?

    This hydration pack is made of heavy duty ballistic nylon. This fabric made its first appearance during WWII. The idea was to develop an industrial strength nylon material that would provide additional protection for troops serving in combat areas. The task was taken by DuPont, which tried several weaves and formulas before coming up with a durable nylon that could be used to create flak jackets worn by a number of United States airmen. The main purpose of these stronger jackets was to deflect shrapnel and other types of debris that resulted from gunfire and artillery explosions. Given the indented purpose for the nylon product, the material was dubbed ballistic nylon, with emphasis given to the ability of the material to repel a number of materials. We felt that this fabric was perfect for our RIGS as we wanted to have hydration packs in our line-up that could take heavy abuse delivered by hard core outdoor enthusiasts and motor sports enthusiasts.

    Weight: 1.26 Kg

    Zippers: Heavy Duty Size 8 Coil Zippers

    I-Pod Ready Compartment w/ Waterproof Zipper Garage

    Removable Waist Strap

    Shoulder Strap: Ergonomic Fit, Terraced Overlay for Adjustable Tube Configuration and Power Bulb Configuration, Industrial Load Disbursement cut and padding

    Chest Strap: Integrated slider chest strap

    Additional Features: Plug & Play Reservoir Tube Connector, PVC Reinforced Compression Straps, Reflective Tabs & Zipper Pulls, Internal Storage Compartments and Organizer, Eco Rig Back Pads, Air Drive Ventilation, Heavy Duty Nylon Pack Handle and Vertical attachment hoops.

    Geigerrig RIG 700 Hydration Pack Ballistic Nylon (Black)


    Geigerrig RIG 700 Hydration Pack Ballistic Nylon (Black)

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